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I can't believe I used an ALGORITHM at work!

I was working on a data clustering app. To maintain the cluster color mappings, I reduced the problem to one that could be solved by a well-known algorithm.

External ↗A Trello feature froze, but engineering didn’t: How we fixed an unreproducible React bug

A blog post I wrote for the Atlassian engineering blog. We fixed a bug where a date picker component would freeze the browser for some customers.

ErgoDox EZ Shine custom LED animation: Implementing DISCO_MODE in QMK firmware

Details on how I implemented a custom animation on my keyboard. Each keypress flashes a random color, then fades out upon releasing the key.

Can YOU predict `` for click events in each browser?

How I fixed a bug involving browser-specific behavior with click events, input elements, and ``.

3 ways to autofocus an input in React that ALMOST always work!

Deep dive into the autofocus attribute, the focus() method, the autoFocus prop, the useRef hook and callback refs.

Very Confusing differences between JSX and HTML

When I work with both JSX and HTML, I get tripped up by subtle differences between the two languages.

5 or 6 ways to design a Code Review ✨ Experience ✨

A few of my favorite techniques for structuring pull requests, making it easier on my reviewers.

Deep dive into 'use strict' in JavaScript

Why was strict mode introduced? Are we using it? Is it still relevant in 2019?

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